My cozy little kitchen, a whole seven-and-a-half feet square.

My biggest and most important hobby is cooking. I have to cook every meal--while I normally enjoy it, sometimes it's a pain. I like to cook and eat Asian, French, Italian, and Mexican food.

One of my signature dishes is pork-and-green-peppers stir fry, which I invented out of desperation and hunger. I slice up some pork and marinate it for about a half hour in soy sauce, sweet sesame oil, rice vinegar, sugar, garlic, and ginger. I then stir-fry it in my trusty skillet, adding sliced green bell peppers and onions when the meat is about three-quarters done. Served over rice, it's a quick, healthy and cheap meal (three of my top food priorities).

My love of food and cooking comes from my father, who would whip up gourmet meals nightly. Most kids have fond memories of mac and cheese; I have fond memories of salmon en croute and duck a l'orange. Of course, I can't afford to each such expensive ingredients on a daily basis, so I stick to simpler meals.

Pictured is my tiny little kitchen, a whole seven-and-a-half feet square. There's really only room for one person at a time, but I think that makes it cozy, especially when it's cold out and I have carrot ginger cake in the oven.