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Hi. I'm Brittany Wienke.

I'm a Telecommunication News and English student at the University of Florida, studying web design in Professor Carlson's Communication on the Internet. I'm 19 and enjoy reading, writing, the arts, and eating. I work as a barista at Volta Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate, a cafe here in Gainesville, and I'm also an assistant producer at Florida's 89.1 WUFT-FM. I anchor between two and three newscasts on Friday mornings, and hope to take on more responsibility as time moves on.

I started in radio as a freshman--an extremely fresh freshman. Wandering around the University of Florida's Weimer Hall (also known as the j-school or the journalism building) on the second day of my college career, I stumbled upon the offices of ROCK 104. I found a flyer calling for on-air jocks, talked to a jock who was on shift, and auditioned and got the job in about a week and a half.

Sadly, ROCK 104 is now defunct, replaced by Country 103.7 The Gator in a sudden format change. I was able to transfer my skills to Florida's 89.1, and I'm very happy there.

Here, you'll find some basic information about me, my interests, and my resume, so don't touch that dial.