Oh, the places I go...

I never expected to travel as much as I have today. From someone who barely left Florida a mere four years ago, I now identify myself as a seasoned traveler.

My travels have taken me to metropolises within the U.S. and beyond, including New Orleans, London, New York City, Paris and Boston, to name a few.

Me and my roommate in London

A landmark trip took place this past summer when I studied abroad in 2010 in London, England. Through the Warrington College of Business, I lived in a "flat" for three months while taking business classes and working for a media company.

I had a great time immersing myself in the British culture. I became a particular fan of the pop music while I was there. Specifically, my boss joked that I should become the fan club president of X-Factor music group JLS.

I feel like I had the opportunity to do it all. I attended movie premieres, saw the tennis pros at Wimbledon and toured too many museums to count. By the end of the trip, some people considered me a local and asked me for directions!

My summer in London also took me to other European cities. I traveled with a small group of friends to Amsterdam, Paris and Geneva, Switzerland. My favorite trip was to Geneva. The view of the lake and the large fountain, known as "Jet d'Eau", was truly breathtaking!

I have caught the "travel bug" and can't wait to see where I will go next!