An Inside Look...

Growing up, it was all about media. From reading my children’s magazines to watching Brian Williams on the nightly news with my family, I thrived on all sources of media for information and entertainment.

I cultivated my taste for magazines throughout the years, graduating from Girls’ Life to Glamour.

Writing was my forte through my secondary education. Through book reports and reporting stories, I love to analyze information and transform into a mini expert on the subject of choice.

Her Campus staff

I chose journalism as my major and dabbled in many aspects of my passion throughout my college career. Reporting, multimedia, page layouts and web design compromised my core courses.

In my sophomore year, I became interested in marketing through an internship with University of Florida Performing Arts. I realized if there wasn’t a team showcasing and encouraging the public to review such creativity, what was the point in putting yourself out there?

Along with my writing internships, I started fulfilling internships in marketing and public relations. From here, I began to map out my career goals.

If my role wasn’t included in the business cycle, the product would not be in existence. My professional objective is to represent a national women’s magazine in the marketing department and continue to grow in this profession.

Through my life and college experiences, I have been preparing for this career goal my whole life. As marketing director for the UF chapter of Her Campus, I manage the college chapter’s social networking accounts.

I far exceeded my initial goals in a short matter of weeks. Our Twitter growth has expanded over 130% in seven weeks when I initially set out to grow 100% in four months. Watching my visions spark to life furthers my interest in this field.