"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish." - John Jakes

So Here We Are

Reckless abandonment is what we all seek, the stagnant air suppressing our feelings.

New beginnings linger, while old memeories fade. Not sure what we want but know that it's times of change.

Embrace your free spirit and let your wings soar. Live simple where the world's weight is a vague point in the distance.

Listen to nature's music instead of the everyday gossip. Grow towards the beauty in this life for few see the blues and greens.

It's okay to let go and start over for life is a cycle which we all endure. Life is beautiful in all it's complexities and wonders.

Every new path embarked on holds a secret ready to be shared.

Cut the strings that we are so dependent of and become that individual that will leave tangible evidence that you have truely lived.

Be True. Be Honest. Be Good. Be Daring. Be Blue. Be You --------------> discover yourself.

Art is Hard

The blues and greens are astounding this month, which are becoming parallel with my hopes and dreams.

Life is an omnipresent tool we use to make our wildest dreams come true.

We always strive for something bigger and better until one day, we realize that we are the ones who hold the reigns to make life change.

The world is bottomless and each person has something to offer.

Find those who make you who you've always wanted to be and hold onto them because they are the key.

Our divine right and significant purpose is what awakens us each day with that golden sun beam.

Don't let the pass ensue on your future because from then to now you have become better.

Take time to grasp the truth that you're not another face in the crowd, but an actor assuming his role that brings the pieces of the puzzle closer.

We are not the clay, but rather the artists who molds. The moment I opened my eyes to the horizon, I began to see the blues and greens in beautiful shades.

These shades are working along side one another creating purpose, hope, faith, truth, love and hate. I'm witnessing this every day in a new way without you.


When one leads to another and creates a cascade of grief it should be assumed that it will never be set free.

Why would you continue to live in this world filled with fiction?

You think what you veil from me is the superior thing to do, but it still makes me cry with each day you fool.

This pain, this feeling is something I recognize where the bittersweet symphony ensues.

There's a lot that I don't know and there's a lot I'm still learning, but I know that the foundation of life is love and trust.

Where do we go when that all crumbles to dust?

I don't want to give up or give in.

Know I smell foul play and that I'm not impressed.

I'm not like them, I won't buy in.

Now I'm counting down the second hand in an honest attempt to let the past fade.