My Passions

I've been called "the Renaissance girl" because I have so many interests. I am enthralled with art in its many forms. I like drawing, painting, making collages and handmade books and chrocheting. I'm always eager to learn new styles of dance. I've performed jazz, tango, waltz, belly dance, hip hop, kick line and step.

Stuffed Sweet Potato

I enjoy cooking because it is creative and rewarding. I like trying new recipes, but I also like the challenge of working with the ingredients I have in stock to come up with my own tasty creations. My sister, Jamie, and I have a cooking blog: Two Sisters, One Kitchen.

Kathryn Stolarz at a recording studio

I love singing and playing guitar to express my emotions and make people smile. Sometimes I write my own songs. My favorite types of music are Christian, jazz and pop. I posted some of my recordings on my Myspace Music page.

Kathryn Stolarz teaching yoga

I try to make time every day to do yoga in order to relax and increase my strength and flexibility. When the weather is nice, I'll bring my mat outside and invite friends to join. My mom, sister and I enjoy going to yoga studios on family vacations. We've taken classes in Fort Myers Beach, Orlando, Chicago and San Francisco.