"We journalists make it a point to know very little about an extremely wide variety of topics. This is how we stay objective." - Dave Barry


Batman poster Flier I designed using Photoshop CS4 to promote the monthly Gator Nights shows my improv comedy troupe performs in. This one was based on an old Batman comic book cover (Sept. 2010).
Back to school poster Another Photoshop CS4 flier I designed for Gator Nights. While many of my designs have been based on movie posters, this one was done from a blank canvas (Aug. 2010).
TSF Comedy Poster from a PR campaign based on the viral marketing techniques used to promote the 2008 film Cloverfield I designed using Photoshop CS4 to promote the launch of TSF Comedy, a content-driven website that I currently manage for my improv comedy troupe (Aug. 2010).
Mizuno ad For my Writing in Mass Communications class, we were required to create a mock-up adverstisement for Mizuno running shoes. We were given full reign in regards to design and had to include a few basic facts in the copy of the ad. Mine was chosen as being particularly striking, and it sparked my interest in ad design (April 2010).


Guitar A music student advertises for a music forum by playing guitar in front of Broward Dining. This was taken for a Soundslides project for my Writing in Mass Communications class (Mar. 2010).
The Hip-Hop Collective The Hip-Hop Collective, a club at UF focused on urban dance and musical performance, performed at Unscripted, an improv comedy show that was based on the performances and monolouges of groups and figures at the university (Nov. 2009).
Ricky at Missed Connections Ricky Klopfenstein plays a flamboyant villian in the "Missed Connections" TSF Sketch show. This was one of the first shows I photographed (Oct. 2009).
Missed Connections: Moulton Ryan Moulton as a suicidal superhero in the "Missed Connections" TSF Sketch show. I particularly liked the shadow that fell on the far side of his face as it gave the impression that he was dark and mysterious (Oct. 2009).

* All photos were shot on a Sony Alpha 200 DSLR camera