This is my favorite place to write.

E veryone has picked up a pen or a pencil to jot something down. To write is not a hobby directly; however, playing around with words can be.

I love to write about anything and everything. Some like to play sports or make crafts. I like to do those things too, but then I like to come back, collect the experience and write. Surprisingly this desire was not always as strong as it is now.

At age 5, I wanted to be a professional ballerina, but I found I had no sense of beat. At age 10, I wanted to be a doctor, but I found I was squeamish when it came to blood. At age 15, I wanted to be a marine biologist, but I found out science was not my thing. And now at age 20, I want to be a journalist. Writing as a profession is a dream come true, because not only do I love to write, but it is my main hobby. I have a notebook with me 365 days a year that I can scribble anything in from a piece of a short story to a description of a leaf. Whenever I get inspired to write, I do. My notebook is an area where I can play with words, bend and migrate them to compose something just for me. It isn’t the same as my writing for work; it is my escape, my hobby.

This hobby is quite surprising if you look into my past. In the forth grade, my greatest fear was the FCAT writes upon request prompt. I was afraid of getting lower than the minimum three. Stressed, I ended up getting a two on one of the four essays we had to write. As a result, I got a writing tutor. For her, I wrote about prompt after prompt and learned how to be confident about my writing which was step one. Then years later in high school, I joined my school paper, Trojan Talk. I fell in love with writing, and that is when I got my first notebook. Since then, I have gone through multiple notebooks and have written about so many different things.

I started to write every day, and I still do. I enjoy putting memories into words and escaping reality from time to time through my own fantasy.

Though writing is my hobby, it is also my job. I have been writing for the Tallahassee Democrat since my senior year of high school. I have written sports articles, profiles on people in the Tallahassee community and covered various events. As long as I get a chance to write daily, I will be happy.