To date, I have about four years of real photography experience. I know a little bit of everything, from darkroom work to pinhole photography to Photoshop and on.

This is a just small sample of my photography. Click on a thumbnail for a larger version.

For more of my photography, visit my Flickr.

A crowd stares at a white Bengal tiger at Busch Gardens in 2008.

Eva Suarez stands atop a pile of construction rubble in a housing complex under construction in Miami.

Alexander "AJ" Rodriguez, 16, jumps from a building, demonstrating freerunning.

AJ demonstrates freerunning again, this time jumping between two buildings.

Maria Arteaga, 17, peeks out from behind a dumpster on South Beach.

A crowd waits for the metrorail train at the Dadeland South station in Miami.

A baby gorilla interacts with the crowd outside its exhibit.

A couple walks towards the Reitz Union Colonnade on a rainy day.

Alexander Rodriguez walks out of a construction site. The photograph was solarized.