While I don't take as many photos as I'd like, I love photography. As a journalism major, I'm required to take a lot of pictures to support my stories. What I enjoy even more than taking photos is editing on the computer. I recently bought Photohop and cannot wait to learn how to navigate it. This class has actually allowed me to experience Photoshop. I used it to make the banners you see on each page. My lab instrutor for MMC 3260 told us about a website that offers tutorials for almost any creative program imagineable, including Photoshop. The website, Lynda.com has already helped me quite a bit.

My main artistic inspiration derives from Andy Warhol. I love most all of his work, but I'd have to say "pop art" is my favorite. The picture shown here is one I took on my MacBook that modeled its design after Andy Warhol's pop art. As of now, I'm searching for a piece of pop art to frame and hang in my apartment.

My next project is to learn how to paint pop art. My best friend and roommate learn to do it in a high school art class and has offered to teach me. She painted a replica of a flower in pop art form. Paintings, especially those that you put time into make amazing home decor as well as great gifts.


Horseback Riding

Another passion of mine is horseback riding. I started taking lessons 13 years ago, riding English style. I competed when I was younger, but found that the stress it causes was not worth the benefits. When I began college, I stopped riding to focus on adjusting and my studies. This year, however, I found out about and joined the University of Florida Equestrian Club. I fell in love with it. I wanted to become more involved with the club, so I ran for secretary and was elected just a few weeks ago!

My responsibilities as secretary include basically all communication aspects of the club. I serve as a messenger between officers and members, as well as provide the members with important information. I love it thus far. My other duties in the club include working at all horse shows hosted at UF, fundraising and community service. This year, UF has the honor of hosting Dressage Nationals, a nation-wide show held for intercollegiate dressage-style riders.