The Barking Pony

The Barking Pony

This is an internet radio show that I host with my roommate Claire. It works like this:

"With an indie pop/rock backbone and a classic rock gut, we approach and share noise that the bloggers be bloggin' with themes, memes, top 5s and a little sad bastard music."

The Barking Pony was named so because of this R.E.M. parody. See minute 1:54.

Bill Bryson over at Grow Radio houses and hosts our little project. He taught us how to use the equipment and a real, honest-to-gosh record player which we have get to get up the cojones to sync up and use live.

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Our Mission:

Grow Radio is a non-profit company that will provide the opportunity for community members to create and manage unique, engaging, educational, informative, locally generated programming to promote fine, musical and visual arts and humanities for the enrichment of, but not limited to, the Gainesville community.