Welcome Home

Picture of Britt Perkins

My name is Britt Perkins and this is one of my homes on the internet. Welcome. You don't have to wipe your feet or take your shoes off. Just make yourself comfortable.

I'll be a journalism student at the University of Florida until April of 2011, when I will graduate.

The plan is to make my way to Los Angeles and work for GOOD magazine covering culture, the environment and urban design.

Some of my interest in travel and culture is highlighted on my Modern Asia page, where I attempt to summarize my eye-opening experiences in Korea and Japan during the summer of 2010.

In preparation for my quickly approaching move to the West Coast and concurrent job search, I'm currently volunteering with Cinema Verde, Gainesville's second annual environmental film festival, and Grow Radio, a volunteer-based community internet radio station.

If you'd like further information on my professional activities, my resume and clips are accesible via my Contact Me page. That's where you can also feel free to contact me via e-mail or social media.

Thanks for visiting!