My Goals

Fixing up New Orleans

Being a journalism major was a great fit for me because the field exposes you to many different topics and ideas. In my time at UF I decided that being a reporter wasn't the job for me, but I do enjoy editing stories. Thus, I began working as a copy editor at the Independent Florida Alligator in January 2011. I've become interested in editing books, so I hope to explore that field soon as well. What I really want to do after graduation, however, is join Teach for America, or a program similar to it. Not only do I love working with children, but I also genuinely enjoy teaching. I firmly believe I can improve people's lives, as I was pictured here. In March 2009, I spent a week with some other UF students fixing up houses in New Orleans damaged by Hurricane Katrina. It was one of the best weeks of my college experience and greatly contributed to my goal of making the world a little bit better.

Here is my resume.