Hello, I'm Eliana Pabon a journalism student at the University of Florida.One of my creative outlets is poetry. This was inspired by my love of literature.Here is one of my poems, which is titled Wings. If you want to read more poems written by me just click the tiles. Each poem should pop up as a pdf.

The warm air stirs inside me as it flaps its wings,
it longs to be free,

I start to take the thorns out one by one, one by one the wounds start to bleed again,
the blood once again starts to pulse through my veins,

warming my skin, little by little, it wakes.

I look outside the clear dome,

it has again turned to spring, the wind stirs the leaves in the trees.

All I see is blue,

as if the heavens had covered the world with its magic and made real all the dreams,

I have the eyes of a newborn child.

I touch the ice,

it starts to melt under my flesh,

the wings start to rip out of my back,

each feather made from the waters of both seas and rivers alike,

the wall has almost completely melted away.

My heart starts to race,

I finally start to breathe,

the light of the sun dances on my skin, the wind,

the wind that carries everything brings air to my wounds.

The seeds start to sprout,

the place that once dropped the most bitter blood now carries nectar for all those who have wings.

Brighter and brighter,

closer and closer,

the stars I see,

they were always waiting outside the grave,

it flaps its wings,

it wants to be free.