Hobbies. I have a ton of them.

This is me 10 feet above the Ichetucknee River last summer

Cycling, photography, playing video games, bowling and racquetball are just a few. Those are the ones I tell my acquaintances.

At heart, though, I'm a Southern boy. On a typical warm-weathered weekend, I can be found out in the North Florida boondocks, clad in a camo hat and swim trunks, leaping from trees into the Santa Fe River.

After that, I usually end up in a High Springs restaurant, shoveling barbecue into my mouth like I've never been fed.

Being an ACR (Alachua County Resident), I have a lot of high school buddies who didn't quite make it to UF, but who still live in the area. They work blue collar jobs now, and they're the same guys I remember from high school.

When I come back, they're always ready to hear about my college endeavors and poke fun at me. And I love 'em like brothers.