About Me

I'm a writer, photographer and videographer from Gainesville, Fla. You may have seen some of my work in The North Florida Herald, The Independent Florida Alligator and the UF Student Alumni Association's website. In my short time as a reporter in a field of expanding media, I've learned one thing: Storytelling matters most.

During my most recent internship with The North Florida Herald, I learned that there is no such thing as a story too small. In the rural town of High Springs and its surrounding area, I covered everything from watermelon festivals to city commission meetings to the memory of a local WWII pilot. There, I learned to cover stories from all angles, accompanying some of my written copy with photo and video.

Now that I have my own equipment, I'm working as a staff multimedia reporter at the Alligator. My first week on the job -- after a summer of local stories -- I got my first taste of world news covering the Dove World Outreach Center's proposed Quran burning. Because of my video from the press conferences there, the Alligator was able to put out a correct story the day before the burning was scheduled -- even before The New York Times and USA Today had coverage. That story earned me a job at the Alligator where I've been working since, producing video for www.alligator.org and writing.

More commercially, I've done photoshoots for the UF Student Alumni Association and am looking into covering Gator football games.

Thanks for visiting my site.