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Travel Wishlist

I have never really traveled much, as my family is not particularly fond of vacations. Most of my life has been spent either in my hometown of San Diego, California, and North Florida. Having never travelled internationally (other than a brief trip to Mexico when I was an infant), I have an extensive list of places I hope to one day visit. All images fall under fair use, and are taken from Wikipedia:

City of London, part of Greater London

London, United Kingdom

Being an Anglophile, London is at the top of my travel wishlist. Perhaps it is because I watched far too much BBC as a child, but I love English culture. Everything about England, from the architecture to the nation's rich history fascinates me.

An aerial view of Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

I have a taste for the bizarre, which is why Tokyo looks so appealing to me. Everything about Tokyo appears strange - especially the gimmick-driven restaraunts (such as this one). This Japanese city seems like an odd mixture, combining old traditions with the lifestyle of the 21st century.

A nice view from the water

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As long as I am compiling a list of cities to visit before I die, I might as well include a city reknowned for it's tourism. Some people visit Amsterdam for it's notoriously permissive policy on cannabis and hashish use, and some visit the city for it's unique scenery, but there is no question that Amsterdam is a popular location for international visitors.