Carl McKinney's Bunker

My Hobbies

First and foremost, my main hobby is music. I am a classically trained guitarist who has been playing for years. My five guitars are my most prized possessions (I own a 2008 Gibson Les Paul, a 1980 Gibson ES-335s, a 2007 Peavey semi-hollowbody, an Alvarez accoustic guitar, and a 1998 Fender Stratocaster). I have also been playing the saxophone for eight years. Recently, I have endeavored to learn to play the drums and harmonica. Even though I am classically trained guitarist, and enjoy all manner of music, my favorite genre to play on the guitar is punk-rock. I enjoy the fast pace, and fun, bare-bones structure of punk music. Not wanting to form a band with strangers, I started teaching some close friends how to play the guitar and bass guitar. Although we call ourselves a band, we really only play in my garage for fun.

I wanted to post actual pictures of my guitars. However, my camera and SD card were in my recently stolen backpack.