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I am Aundre Larrow

And I love photos. Caroline Sileo


Because they let me hold each captured moment dear, once, twice and three times more than I otherwise could. Because people smile and we miss it. And because I don't like to forget.

A few thoughts:

1. Timing is key: The Golden Hour
When you want great portraits, try to take them an hour before the sun is going to set, or an hour after it rises. This gives you nice, soft light for your subject, versus the harsh shadows you get during the middle of the day.

Five of my friends and I outside church.

2. Shoot what you love.
What do you like? Baseball? Butterflies? Bodacious women?
Then shoot that.
Too often people try to be "artsy" or "abstract" when all they need to do is be themselves. Whatever you talk about, whoever you spend time with, those should be your subjects:).

3. Make friends with your camera.
Out of focus picture of a light balloon. Name your camera. Mine's name is Jon.
Feed it with new places. And events.
Make it your closest friend.Keep it close to your heart, literally.
Bring it everywhere. When you do, take pictures of everything. That way all those pretty things you see and tell your friends about, you have something to show for it.

4. Take a lot of pictures.
When all else fails, shoot,shoot,shoot and shoot. You can always delete later, but you can never go back and capture a moment past.

5. Try different angles.
We spend most of our lives seeing life at our eye level. You're 6 feet tall, and the only time you see different is when you're laying down, falling, or jumping.
That's why pictures from low angles, high angles, through stained glass or a veil or something, are loved.
Give people something fresh and exciting to see.