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I am Aundre Larrow

And here is my resume.

Me using my Pentax at Daytona Beach I became a Florida Gator two years ago when I sat in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, taking in the silence. There I realized that I had a legacy to write at this University.

Since then I have gone through two years of classes that I've hated, some I've loved and many that I was indifferent to.

But now I can: write HTML and CSS, create newsworthy photographs, write interesting and structured stories about people, talk about cinema, and tell you the best ways to save the enviornment from where you are sitting now.
And I love that.

Getting this degree, is empowering me to show people the things that matter.

These are some things that matter to me:

I love the rain,
I love the way the air tastes when it's clean and the sky is clear.
My first word was light, and I love to capture it with my Canon Rebel.

People are the best subjects because they are the most unpredictable, but also the most memorable. My favorite picture to date, is the portrait of my friend Omeed, which you can see on the film page. It shows him with a little scowl, something he never has, he smiles frequently. But, for that moment, he surprises you and I.

Sunshine is definitely not overrated, but the night also has its place. Its so quiet, so peaceful. I love every moment of both. And I wish I could swap between the two on a whim.

I love basketball, my mom and I have watched every NBA postseason since I can remember. Sunday afternoons after church was our time and we enjoyed it.
She would clap her hands and tell me that the Spurs just "aren't putting it in", her way of saying they were missing alot, as she eyed a dutch pot of rice on the stove.