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I am Aundre Larrow

Omeed Behmardi

And I like cinema.

Three things that make a movie worth it for me:

1. Hero

Batman. Andrew Largeman.Tom Hansen. John Creasy. Jack Shephard. Nick O'Leary. Carl Fredricksen. Jason Bourne. oh and Ron Burgundy.

I love these characters because we share something. Whether it's missing a father figure or wanting to fall in love, we are share something, and watching them is sort it out in a film is kind of like living vicariously through them. There is this quote that says a wise man learns from other people's mistakes.

Caroline, Brooke, Lex and Robby at Deerfield Beach

2. Dialogue

Greatest lines ever:

Harvey, the last man
that they appointed...
...to protect the republic
was named Caesar...
-...and he never gave up his power.
-Okay, fine.

You either die a hero...
...or you live long enough
to see yourself become the villain.


I love music, and collecting movie soundtracks has become a hobby of mine as I have learned to appreciate film more. Soundtracks help keep the pacing of the movie and give the viewer extra clues about what's going on in the scene. Other songs ,however, are just for fun of it, like Damn it feels good to be a gangsta by Geto Boys in the movie Office Space when Peter Gibbons and his friends destroy a printer.