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I am Aundre Larrow

Kyra and I laughing outside.

And I love basketball.

Though I don't pretend to be an expert, I've watched a lot basketball in my 19 years on this planet, and here is what I know:

1. Ball movement is key.
Run the play, move the ball, and take high percentage shots.
This means take shots close to the rim or shots that are relatively uncontested.
Too often do I see players take extremely difficult shots when they had a teammate a few feet from the hoop with ready hands.

2. You have to play team defense.
This means: the weak side help has to rotate to help stop dribble penetration.
If the ball is kicked out for a shot, you have to chase shooters off the line.
And lastly, after the shot is up, make sure you are boxing your man out so that you can get the rebound.

3. Don't walk, RUN.
Too many teams today forget the importance of running.
Run on offense. It puts the defense on its heels, which leads to easy points, i.e. foul shots and lay ups.
And run on defense, too! It's important to get back and set up your team defense so that you can stifle the teams play before it gets to develop.

4.Don't be afraid to put the ball on the floor.
If all else fails, dribble the ball, look down the lane and try to score or make some space for a shooter to get a shot up.