Where I've been

I have not left the United States of America at anypoint during my life, but I have explored quite a bit of this country.

New England

A lot of my travels thoughout the United States started with my mom and her restless nature. For years she stayed in Connecticut and I would visit her every summer. During these trips I visited neighboring states like Massechusetts and even spent time on the Rhode Island shore.


My dad's family is originally from Wisonsin, so he and I took a long vacation visiting all parts of the state and even entering bordering states like Michigan and Iowa.

This was without a doubt the best vacation I have ever been on, and I hope that sometime soon I can take another trip like that with him, perhaps to Canada.

South Carolina

Most recently I visited South Carolina to see my mom over Christmas. I had fun supporting my brother as he competed in the local special olympics.

These are some pictures taken at that event.

my brother devon at the special olympics another picture of my brother at the special olympics