If I had any hobby that I felt was actually a personal relflection of me and my interests it would be writing. Although I currently find myself in the University of Florida's journalism program, creative writing is and always will be my first love. My first ventures in to the depths of vocabulary and self loathing started at the young impressionable age of, I can't really remember. I do recall that it was middle school, 7th grade in fact, and that a certain Dr. Grubbs made a distinct impression on me.

Currently I am working on a novel that I hope to get published and that I hope will make me relevant enough to successfully release a compilation of my short stories and satires. you can get a good feel for my writing style and my work at my Gallery


I have also been playing guitar for about 10 years now. Recently, this hobby has suffered a major injury. Two of my guitars were stolen from my apartment while I was off on holiday. The one remaining guitar now tends to remind me of what I lost, so I'm taking a bit of a break from playing.

A picture of my Ibanez SZ

Rest in peace my sweet Ibanez SZ, you are missed.