A Bit About Me

This is me not planning something

Hello, my name is Dylan and this website should let you know a little about me.I am currently a student at the University of Florida in the college of journalism. I previously attended Florida Gulf Coast University which is near my hometown of Fort Myers, Florida.

On a more personal note, I dislike the typical college atmosphere. I don't like attending parties and I have no tolerance for drunk people, because of these characteristics I find myself in a small tight knit circle of firends and I am very content there. My friends and I like going on road trips around the state on the weekends and not planning things.

I have a hard time sleeping and I enjoy cooking but I can't stand using dried spices. I never do any grocery shopping before 1 a.m.

Hopefully these assorted facts have helped you get to know me, if not, I have a list of things that I enjoy after this. Please have fun navigating the webpage I created and enjoy my other pages on my hobbies and my travels.

things I really enjoy

  • the guitar
  • museums
  • Mickey Rourke
  • charcoal sketches
  • fresh basil
  • 4th wave ska
  • Kemberly Cespedes
  • the television show "Breaking Bad"
  • the New York Times
  • Google Chrome
  • honestly, anything from Google
  • noise cancelling headphones
  • the word "arugala"