Travel it up

If soccer is not part of your DNA, here are just a few other reasons why you should visit this European country.

There are other ways to score The Food

Spanish ham is internationally known and a source of national pride. They are natural lovers of good food and wine. Valencia saw the birth of their famous -paella-, and -churros- are a must if you visit Madrid. Their -tortillas-, coffee and olives are to die for. Have you had rabbit, octopus or squid? This trip might make you a lover of exotic new flavors and, of course, sangria.

The History

The architecture, essence and history of this country cannot by imitated. Every region is unique in climate, culture and traditions. The only consistent characteristic they all share is the lively, joyful and talkative citizens.

For the art lovers Gaudi will make it all worthy when they visit his beautiful Barcelona. If you feel like working out you will love the Canary Islands' black sand and the skydiving over volcanoes. Adventure time? July 7th marks the beginning of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, The San Fermines, which Spainconquered Hemingway himself. Perhaps you just want to relax. You will have those guitars, the -flamenco-, poets, writers, the beaches, little restaurants, the mountains, all in perfect harmony, exuberant and marvelous. While in Spain you can visit palaces, ruins, modern skycrapers, and take the subway back home, wherever that might be.

The Nights

Pubs, bars, clubs, discos, you name it, and you won't even need to drink a shot of coffee to remain awake. Every night while in Spain, is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Spain is waiting. What are you waiting for?