A sport that connects

World Cup Semifinals

.July 2010, a Soccer Tale.

No Spaniard will ever forget July 11th, 2010. That day the Spanish Soccer Selection won the World Cup for the first time in their history. Traditionally, the team has set records of all kind, such as the most consecutive wins, the most consecutive games undefeated, as well as the most international goals by Villa, and then, also by soccer player David Villa, the most goals scored in a season, the most goals scored in a World Cup and the most goals scored in consecutive matches. Villa has also been named top scorer in a World Cup final.

Regardless of all they do, the European Championships they constantly win and all the titles they take home, nothing will ever beat the celebrations after winning the World Cup for the first time. I lived those days of euphoric insomnia. The entire country wore red, flags decorated every single brick of that beautiful historical architecture, and Madrid, where I resided at, did not indulge in its -siesta-, workers got days off, streets were closed, and tourism started to increase immediatly.

Thus, soccer turns into the people and it is the people who make it that great. For Spain, it meant economic boost in times of severe unemployment and a reason to celebrate in the middle of a brutal economic crisis. Soccer gave the Spaniards a summer of bliss they will cherish forever.

So, grab your drink, wear your jersey, get hold of your heart, and scream it