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I'm a Telecommunication student at the University of Florida and this is my first website. I'm a lover of music, food, art, afternoons, planes and sports. I do reporting, and I'm a Gator.

Coming from a long line of journalists, writers, speakers and travelers, a career in communication was never a goal of mine, it has been my lifestyle. I have worked for social organizations, TV Networks, and a foreign magazine. I was working for the latter during the past FIFA 2010 games, when I covered soccer stories, touched the World Cup, and saw my players live. I realized that my future was not merely to communicate that which occurs in the present; I will be part of the moments that shape it.

Soccer is a lot more than a kick scoring a goal or millions of fans screaming a single name. It is a sport of national pride, national identification, and every four years it's the biggest celebration all over the Earth. Call it whatever you want: soccer, football, futbol, fussball, at the end, regardless of your nationality or beliefs, chances are you too will go to the stadium, turn the TV on during the match or be bombarded by the results from every media outlet you cross.

Europe is the mother continent of soccer. Europeans eat it, drink it and breathe it. In Spain for example, soccer is a religion, well, their unanimously accepted religion is soccer. There you will find fervent fans, furious debaters and outspoken critics. They have their favorite team, follow their players, savor every goal and cry after a defeat.


I’m in the College of Journalism and Communications with no humble ambition. I want to make history. From a computer at an office, the newspaper on the street, the talk show or the actual TV, I’ll do so. We all make history; we belong to it and I’m one of those that dares to call this simple practice, my major.

.Movement, innovation, words, people, a society that spins around and dances through headlines.

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