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I was born in Harlem, New York and I was raised between there and Saint Mary, Jamaica. I am of Jamaican-Puerto Rican descent, my mother being Jamaican and my father being Puerto Rican. I left New York at the age of three and started school in Jamaica at age four. I returned to New York at age eleven. These diverse environments provided for a very unique childhood outlook on life. In Harlem I was exposed to a wide range of art and various urban cultures and in Jamaica I was exposed to the simple living of the Caribbean. Both lifestyles heavily contributed to the man that I am today.


Currently I reside in Gainesville, Florida and I attend the University of Florida. I am a Telecommunications major with focus on Production. Post graduation I plan to work at either British Telecommunications or JMS marketing firm. Eventually I would like to get into the production of major films, music, and possibly the scoring or major films.


As far as recreation I am heavily involved in the arts; I am a photographer and I have my own company called Simplecomplexity Photographix. I am also a formally trained dancer in various dancing styles; for the majority of my high school career I attended Harlem Academy of the Arts. I consider myself a music aficionado, as my love for and commitment to music has been a lifelong journey thus far that I do not plan to end. Due to my mixed ethnicity I have an innate desire for traveling and exploring various cultures, and I plan to explore every continent at some point in my life.

Eric Edwards

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