This is a picture of me underwater.

A little about myself

I'm Sara Drumm (with two m's). I'm from Winter Garden, Fla., which is near Orlando, but I'm currently studying journalism and anthropology at the University of Florida. I'm studying journalism because it is the perfect avenue for doing what I love (writing) about the things I love, -- check out my Hobbies for some of these. My main passion, though, is people, which is why I am also studying anthropology. I have always been fascinated by people's stories, personalities and culture. Visit Experience to see some of my articles, many which incorporate elements of my interests.

A close second to people is travel. For information about where I have traveled, go to my Travel page, and then check out my Photography to see the world through my eyes.

When I graduate, I hope to find a position that will allow me to make the most of my talents and interests. For now, I am not sure what exactly that would be. I would love to be a travel and/or feature writer for some sort of publication, but I would hope to practice some photography and design still, if possible.