Claire Camp

photo of me

Hi, how nice it is to see you and welcome to my first attempt at creating my very own website! Headers, banners, and links, oh my line by line I am learning the amazing process of handwriting code. I would love for you to follow and visit me often as I journey further along the winding road into the wonderful world of code.

Getting to know me! I am a free and bubbly spirited, highly motivated and artistically driven college student in constant pursuit of my true destiny. I express myself through a variety of artistic channels including, but not limited to, stationary design, pottery painting, blogging, food and fashion.

As of now I am currently attending the University of Florida earning a degree in advertising and business administration. Hungry to learn more after a semester interning for a southern lifestyle blog I became extremely interested in Web design and enrolled in MMC 3260. My website banner was my first Photoshop project. I took a photo of my mom's acrylic painting, downloaded my first free font and with a little cropping and an addition of a border it was complete. I am so eager to dive deeper, to further understand technology and better my skills for the digital world that is all around us.

So...XHTML and CSS ready or not, here I come!