First and foremost, I am a bibliophile and and a logophile. Call me either and I will not object. I have been affectionately told that I eat books like they are candy, that I yearn for books like they are drugs, and that I am a walking dictionary. And yes, it is true on all accounts.

I first learned to read in the first grade and I haven't put down a book ever since. I have a reading blog that I started recently called Written Adventures and it's a refuge where I can talk about my love for reading and give my own reviews for the books I read.

Besides reading, I like to spend time with my friends and family, especially watching movies and television together. Spouting movie quotes is one of my favorite pastimes. Other activities we enjoy together are bowling, shopping, listening to music and cooking.

I also love poetry. My favorite poet is Pablo Neruda, but I also like Nikki Giovanni, Emily Dickinson and Margaret Walker, just to name a few. I'm in a poetry organization at UF called Poets Inc. and we host open mics,poetry slam competitions, and we discuss our poems in roundtable discussions. They help me cultivate my poetry, by giving me both constructive criticism and positive feedback.

I am in another organization at UF called Society of Professional Journalists. The organization helps me to network, teaches me journalism skills with their panels of speakers and allows me to be around student journalists like myself that I can talk to when I need advice.