Cool wind in your hair, ocean mist in your face, the danger and beauty of nature; nothing compares to the adrenalin of surfing.

The Feeling

I was first introduced to the sport when I was around 12 years old and have had a love affair with it since then. My favorite spots to surf in Florida are Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach and St. Augustine since that's where I learned, but nothing compares to the surf in Brazil.

My uncle and I

When I visit my uncle in Brazil we spend most of our time in the water. The waves there are huge and way more thrilling than the ones in Florida. The first time I ever surfed with him in Rio De Janeiro I almost died, really. I attempted to ride my first overhead wave and wiped out horribly. As I was spiraling out of control, I got caught in an undertoe and couldn't return to the surface. My uncle pulled me out just in time. Since then I've surfed all over Brazil and have learned to be more cautious.

A few of my favorite surf spots in Brazil

-Santos, Sao Paulo

It's the quaintest big city you'll ever see. Not as many tourists come here compared to other beaches and the surfers are all mainly locals. Everyone is friendly and more than eager to tell you where the best surf spots are and what the forecast will be for the next week. It also boasts the largest beachfront garden in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, which makes for an unbeatable view from your board.

-Leblon, Rio de Janiero

It's the bohemian neighborhood of Rio, which aside from the gorgeous hilly landscape and gnarly waves on the regular, has some of the best bars, restaurants and late night activities in all of Brazil. Who doesn't like a little Samba after surfing?

-Fernando de Noronha

Stunning doesn't even begin to describe the scenery. It's a 21-island archipelago and also an ecological preservation so the ocean and beaches are seemingly untouched by human hand; construction along the coast is strictly forbidden. You'll feel like the only person that ever surfed there.