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the ultimate sports fan

I'm not sure how I got into sports, but it has become a big part of my life. I watch ESPN almost religiously and I have the biggest crush on SportsCenter anchor Josh Elliot. Almost any sport can catch my attention and I'm a fan of just about any team. When it comes to pretty much any athletic event, I'm cheering and yelling at refs just like the guys.

I began watching sports at an early age when my dad would take me to Florida Panthers games as a kid. Although the Panthers and I have parted since then, I am still an avid Miami team fan. My family has season tickets to the Miami Heat, so I've been a fan since Alonso Mourning and Brian Grant were playing. I was there for Dwayne Wade's rookie year! But enough about my beloved Heat...

Earl Warren Sports Quote At the TD Garden

My love for sports has led me to study Sports Broadcasting and make a career out of it. I work at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and the O'Connell Center at UF with the in-house camera crew for games. I also volunteer at WRUF Sports Radio 850 on campus. Hopefully all this work will get me a great job. My dream is to one day anchor SportsCenter on ESPN.

I think Basketball is the sport I know best, so I've made a list of players who always provide highlight worthy games:

Blake Griffin
- Power Forward, LA Clippers
- BG is definitely one of the best players when it comes to dunks.
Dwayne Wade
- Small Guard, Miami Heat
- D Wade always manages to score big for his team.
Ray Allen
- Small Guard, Boston Celtics
- A seasoned veteran, Ray Ray can it those buzzer-beating, game winning-shots with ease.