adventure is out there! Baby Bianca

hello there!

It's great to have a visitor. Welcome, my name is Bianca and I created these pages for a class I'm taking at the University of Florida. This site is another way of adding adventure into my already active life. The pages in this site link to the things I enjoy most and hopefully inspire you to find some adventure yourself. Oh and in case you are wondering about the quote above, it's from the Disney Pixar film Up . If you haven't seen it yet, you really should. I try my best to live by this motto and get inspired to seek adventure in everything I do. current picture Now it's your turn. Go on ... explore.

a little bit about me

I am a junior studying Telecommunications at UF. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy more things than I have time for, but I try my best to do it all. I love music, movies, and museums. I'm completely obsessed with my yellow lab, Daisy. My ideal Wednesday night with friends involves board games and take out.

To me, the best way to spend a life is by doing great things with even greater people. My friends and family are my rock; I would be nobody without them. But besides spending time with the ones I love, I'm passionate about three things: Sports, Travel and Food. To say I love one more than the other is difficult. Basically it's my dream to be at a New York Knicks game eating a hot dog. My appetite for life is a big one and hopefully this site can help you indulge your own.