Elena and her two best friends, Rebeca and Natalia,took Puerto Rico by storm when they went for the weekend in February. Below, explore the highlights of Elena's trip, as she swoons a variety of Puerto Rican men...

Boyfriend #1

Benji was a professional boxer Elena met the first night out. Unfortunately, his machismo attitude wouldn't get him a second date.

Boyfriend #2

Nel, quiet but delicious, took the job of boyfriend #2 as soon as the spot had become vacant with the dismissal of Benji.

Boyfriend #3

Jose Enrique was Elena's final Latin Lover of the trip. Although he didn't speak a word of English, he charmed her all the same...

Attack of the Puerto Rican pigeons

While visiting the "Parque de Palomas", Elena was attacked by killer pigeons, but managed to escape unscathed.

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