Journey Across The United States

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."-Eleanor Roosevelt

On August 14,1999, my dad and I left Los Angeles and set out on a trip across the United States. Determined to make it to Florida in four days, while still allowing for sight-seeing, we decided to drive to El Paso, Texas the first day...

After a long day of driving through California, Arizona, and New Mexico, we arrived in El Paso. We decided we would take it easy the next day and drive to San Antonio to have some fun. If I ever have to live in Texas, I will opt for Austin or San Antonio. We had a blast!

We had to make up for lost time the next day, so we left San Antonio at 5:00 am with Pensacola, Florida as our next destination. The rest of Texas was barren, making for a long drive. After that, we briefly drove through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We finally arrived in Pensacola that afternoon. We decided to make the short drive to Gainesville the next morning.

[The Alamo]

[The San Antonio River Walk]