N.A. McKenzie's Interests McKenzie Clan Badge

Nora A. McKenzie's Interests

Growing up in a small town in Florida, FT. Meade, inspired me to develop a wide range of interests. After all, one can only work cows and disc groves so long before they desire new experiences.

My newest interest is golfing. Oh, I have been a fan of putt-putt for years but decided to take it to the next level. I felt it high time to take up a game that my Scottish ancestors developed.

This leads me into my interest of geneology. As a seventh generation Floridian I have grown up with a reach verbal history of my Florida Cracker ancestory. This has served as a catalyst for my investigation into my Scottish roots. The plaid and badge used through out this homepage are of the Clan MacKenzie, or abbreviated McKenzieClan MacKenzie

Surfing is another interest of mine. I first began to surf when I was 13 and picked up again when I was twenty. I do not get to surf as much as I would like. This does not prevent me from checking the surf report a couple of times a day. With the use of compress video I can even watch the waves at my favorite surf sites. Surf Report