One of my poems.

"Weighted World"

Paul A. Kimpel, fisherman
Adorn me with opulent ornaments--drape me, and hang on me
fractured glaciers of gratis glitter; stand me in the middle
of life twisting inside my haughty tapestry
such a weighted wonder for all the world to see
I believe I may be lucky, blinded and balmy in my new vanity
but when the perfume fades I become a fugitive from falseness;

If these weights I could shake like a dog from a lake things would fly left and right til' I regained my sight, blinking, naked, and wet.

But it's hard to shake the body when the mind will not follow
Heavy things teeter and totter; but they won't fall off...
They hang on like subliminal sash-weights
pulling me Down, Down, beneath Lake Illusion
Where the deep, black, water deludes and swells my mind
until it belongs to me no longer; at least for a moment.
When I emerge from the playground of Neptune,
I stand up to shake off the world pretending to be happy and dry
Quietly wishing I could go back to the virgin forest of my youth
and take my place among the simple ones every one of us light as
a feather sucking our thumbs while our eyes see all.

By, Paul Kimpel Copyright 1995

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