Port of Departure

The Isle of My Youth

I was raised on Vashon Island, located near Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. The Island is only accessible by a 20 minute ferry boat ride, and thus has attracted an eclectic group of artists, farmers, and hippie types who simply want to get away from it all. As a result, the island is famous for its various art galleries and harvest festivals and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. Especially famous is the annual Strawberry Festival, which involves a community parade, island crafts and foods, and dancing in the streets to local music for three days!

Popular activities on the island are sailing, fishing and horseback riding. The "city folk" have also made the island a popular bicycling spot in the spring and summer months, coming in herds on their fancy bikes aboard the ferry boat. Whenever I travel home for vacations, I treasure the peace and beauty of my childhood romping ground. The island is a rare paradise and certainly the nesting ground for my heart. For a glimpse of this unusual and eccentric place, see Vashon Island

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