Spring Break 2000

I went to Negril, Jamaica for spring break this year. We wanted to do something a little different because it was most of the group's last spring break, so we decided on Negril.

After a quick flight from Tampa, we landed in Montego Bay. From Montego Bay, we took a bus up winding roads to Negril. The bus ride that was supposed to be less than two hours turned out to be over three hours after stopping several times for Red Stripes and bathroom breaks.

We stayed at Negril Gardens, a hotel on the seven-mile beach. The beautiful water and beaches were the best things about Jamaica. The food was a little different, and by the end of the trip, we were all ready for an American meal. The nightlife in Jamaica wasn't the greatest, but as you can see we still managed to have a blast.

Here are me and my friends on the beach

Here we are trying to enjoy the Jamaican nightlife

This is the view from our room at Negril Gardens

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