Two Months Ahead

____Mail your invitations.

____Schedule the wedding rehearsal and firm up details of any rehearsal ____party that is planned.

____Order wedding rings and arrange for engraving.

____Meet with the florist to arrange details on flowers.

____Shop for gifts for attendants, and for each other.

____Take care of any financial, insurance and legal details; opening joint ____bank accounts, writing wills, changing beneficiaries on insurance ____policies. If you plan on having a prenuptial agreement, draw it up ____now. If changing your name, make arrangements to change bank ____accounts, credit cards and social security accordingly.

____Reserve rental equipment; tents, tables, tablecloths, chairs, kneeling ____benches, candelabras.

____Review ceremony and vows with chosen clergyman or civil official. ____Insert any special readings or changes in the standard text at this ____time.

____Select a hairdresser and schedule an appointment for a trial "do" to ____settle on a hairstyle and look for your wedding. (Bring your ____headpiece.)

____Book ahead for hair styling and manicure near your wedding date.

____Make arrangements for silk flowers, balloons, or any other special ____decorations you have chosen for your wedding.

____Order any specialty items needed. (Imprinted napkins, matches, etc.)

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