One Month Ahead

____Get your marriage license. (Some states vary, so you may have to do ____this closer to the wedding date.)

____Get any accessories you need to complete your bridal attire: shoes, ____hosiery, jewelry. Bring them to your final fitting.

____Plan your honeymoon wardrobe and shop for any toiletries or special ____items needed.

____Purchase lingerie, if desired.

____Determine the luggage you will need.

____Have your wedding portrait taken. (Or --this can be done at the bride's ____final fitting.)

____Send wedding announcements and portrait to newspaper.

____Make arrangements for bridemaid's party or luncheon.

____Have groom, or best man, plan the bachelor party.

____Confirm all transportation arrangements and reservations.

____Confirm accommodations for out-of-town guests.

____As you receive gifts, write thank-you notes.

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