Photos from the West Indies

Anchoring at Statia

Statia was one of the last stops on our voyage aboard the Windjammer's Polynesia. The captains of the Windjammer ships are allowed to set the itinerary of the trip. Our captain opted for Statia because we had several people on board who were interested in diving and snorkeling, and Statia has some excellent dive sites. For those more interested in dry land, The Quill, the mountain in the photo above, is an extinct volcano and several passengers hiked it instead.

Launch from the Poly and a wrecked

This is a view from our ship while we were docked at Gustavia, St. Barths. The snorklers aboard had taken the launch to a wrecked shipped just out from the harbor.

View from Brimstone Hill in St.

The view from Brimstone Hill, the British-built fort on St. Kitts. I imagine hauling the stones up the mountain to build the fort was a little slice of hell. St. Kitts has the only harbor deep enough for the Polynesia to pull up to a dock. The boat took on both water and supplies while at St. Kitts.

Sunset over Colombier Bay at St.

The sun sets over Colombier Bay at St. Barths.

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