"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."
--Saint Augustine

I enjoy traveling, although going to graduate school means less traveling and more dreaming about traveling. Among my favorite trips are my honeymoon in the West Indies aboard a Windjammer Tall Ship and my semester abroad in Wales. When I was in Wales I took trips to London, County Cork, Ireland, and St. Malo, France. Oddly enough, most of my photographs from London and Swansea, Wales (where I spent the semester) are all of people in non-descript indoor locations. However, I did come back with some lovely shots from a trip to Ireland, below, and from an excursion the first week to a national park on the Welsh coast.

Ruin on Sherkin Island, Ireland

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The Polynesian's sail at sunset

Above, the sun sets on the sail of the Windjammer ship, The Polynesia, our home for a week in the French West Indies.

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