Rosie Photos

Rosie as a puppy

Rosie was feisty and playful from the moment we brought her home. Born in Michigan, Rosie was driven to Bowling Green, Ky., by the breeder's father, and we drove up from Chattanooga to pick her up.

Rosie chewing on a sandal

"Shoe, what shoe? No one said anything about chewing on a shoe." Though mostly not destructive -- paper products being her only vice -- Rosie sometimes will get hold of something else. She knows she's being bad but does it anyway.

Rumpled Rosie resting
on her kitty

Rosie is in need of a haircut in this photograph. She's resting on "Kitty," her favorite toy. She spends a portion of each day throwing the kitty in the air and gnawing on its paws. She has almost gutted the stuffed animal but it is the one she still carries around the house and throws in our laps.

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