Honey and Ginger Look for Home

In slingback sandals and tight black dresses,
Honey and Ginger pass along the beach,
shivering as the ocean spray salts their bare legs.
Honey looks for seashells, half-choked by sand,
and pries them loose with her fingertips,
while Ginger counts the rings around the moon,
and does a little two-step to the music that follows them
from the juke joint at the top of the last rise.
"We're too far from home," Ginger whispers to the sea,
watching her friend stoop to dig another treasure,
the ends of her long hair trailing like seaweed in the surf.
"Not far enough," the waves seem to chant back. "Not far enough."

(C) Copyright 2000, S. Camille Broadway. All rights reserved.
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