Photos from Wales and Ireland

Church on Sherkin Island,

A church on Sherkin Island, Ireland. A group of us from my study abroad program spent almost a week in County Cork, Ireland. As students we traveled on the cheap: taking the ferry from Wales but not purchasing seats or a cabin, traveling by bus, staying in youth hostels, and eating spaghetti and lots of potatoes. The boat ride to Sherkin was one of our "splurges." We spent a day on the island, walking from one end to another and back again. The day was remarkably clear and bright, and one of my fondest memories of the program.

View of the sea from Sherkin

One of the lovely vistas of the sea we saw as walked along Sherkin Island.


Castle on the Gower Peninsula in Wales

The ruin on the left is Pennard Castle, it overlooks Three Cliffs Valley on the Gower Peninsula in Wales. The sky is overcast, but then Wales was dark and overcast almost the entire time I was there. We had one stretch where it rained every day for five weeks. I know now why Welsh poets are dark and gloomy.

Worms Head on the
Gower Peninsula

Worms Head on the Gower Peninsula was part of the walk that included Pennard Castle. Worms Head was so named because it resembled a dragon rising from the sea. So it is "Worm" in the older sense of dragon, not as in earthworm.

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