Who's That Gator Girl


Growing Up:

I was born in Shands Hospital on April 3, 1977. I grew up with my younger sister, Lana, who celebrated her 21st birthday last September. We did everything together--played together, got into trouble together, fought together. So it was quite a surprise when my mom had us sit down to a family discussion to tell us that she was pregnant. Surprising not that it could happen, but because I was 16 years old at the time. We had to get used to a whole new lifestyle. From changing dirty diapers to babysitting when I would usually be going out with my friends, my little brother was quite a handful. But Devin, now seven, has been the best thing that could have ever happened to my family. He's brought us all closer together. He's made us learn to laugh at things we never thought of as funny before. He's what kept me in Gainesville, and he defines the exact reasons I love being a big sister.

Current Happenings:

As a senior at UF, I have gone through my trials and tribulations. Hell, all students do. But now I've finally made up my mind to work in public relations, and eventually sports communications. I figure it's a great field that would allow me the opportunity to combine my love of dealing with people, being creative and working with the sports scene all into one perfect career. At least--I hope so. I'll just have to keep plugging away at the books until my graduation in Spring 2001 and then see what's happening.

Work Information:

I have been a floor instructor at the Gainesville Health and Fitness Center since December 1997. The center just did a major renovation and increased by approximately 9,000 square feet. The club is rated as one of the top fitness centers in America. We help members achieve their fitness goals through extensive weight and cardiovascular training. We also educate members on muscle gain, weight loss and basic knowledge of exercise physiology. It's been a great way for me to get to know professionals in the community, and I've also learned a lot about about customer relations--something that will help me in the future.

Personal Interests:

Growing up in Gainesville, every aspect of my life has been influenced by the Gators. I truly "bleed orange and blue." Being a fan of Gator athletics, I attend as many sporting events as I can, with soccer being my favorite. After graduating from Buchholz High School, I coached JV Girls Soccer for three years and loved it. I was a four-year letterman on my team and just couldn't give the scene up that easily. When it became too time consuming I had to give it up, but that's why I love seeing the Lady Gators play. It's like reliving a part of my past. Besides soccer, I love to play and watch many other sports such as basketball, gymnastics, and boxing. When I'm not in the sports scene, I like to read, work out (and do my favorite--Tae Bo), play my old flute, and sing. I'm also into camping, water skiing, snow skiing, fishing and white water rafting.

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