Music isn't just something you listen to. It's a way of life. Therefore, one of my favorite past times is going to shows & music festivals. They're an experience unlike any other that can never be imitated or duplicated.

Here are clips from my favorite moments over the years:

radiohead: bonnaroo, june '06.

Thom York, Bonnaroo 06.

Seeing Radiohead live is an experience beyond comparison. Maybe it could be like when you see “the white light;” the whole experience itself is one surreal moment & you spend the next few weeks, or even months, trying to relive the experience through songs, photos & tales.

I’ll never forget hearing that distinct opening base line of “There, There,” separating what was an insignificant nine-hour wait from the two-&-a-half hours of life-changing beauty to come. Fans, myself included, await release of a DVD of the Bonnaroo concert, of which lead singer/rhythm guitarist/pianist Thom Yorke said,

“It was just amazing. We played loads of new stuff. We did whole sections of quiet piano songs & it sounds like the most grotesque self-indulgent nonsense but it probably is my favorite gig for years & years & years. It was a really mellow evening.”

bassnectar: langerado, mar. '08.

Bassnectar, Langerado 08.

The time I saw Bassnectar was on the second night of a music festival in 2008 called “Langerado.” My friends & I all just decided to see him on a whim, unbeknownst to us that we would fall in love & leave some of his biggest fans.

I’ve never felt such a sensation before. It was as if I was a small part of some larger, unifying cosmic structure. The wind of the storm grew more powerful as the music grew more intense, & as if all of the elements -music, people, nature- were synchronized, Bassnectar let the beat drop & his hair burst into this extraordinary mane that was five feet of slick, black hair just blowing in the wind as if he was a wizard or something controlling everything that was happening around him. Everyone was moving to the beat, changing their movements with every new sound. People were spinning to the music with hoola hoops that lit up with brilliant colors. Every light, every glow stick, contributed something else to the whole experience.

It was enlightening. Mind-blowing! I want to live my life to Bassnectar.

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of montreal: venue, dec. '08.

of Montreal, Gainesville 08.

When I saw of Montreal for my second time, here in Gainesville, FL, they were everything I’d hoped they would be, bringing back some favorites from my first show & spicing it up with the best jams off their new album, Skeletal Lamping, with tons of confetti on top. Of Montreal, who can be categorized as a “performance group” rather than just a band, took us on a whimsical, gender-bending tour.

Lead singer Kevin Barnes braved the stage in a number of get-ups, namely a satin peach Speedo, purple waist sash & red body paint, ready for an incredulously entertaining story of a show.

The performance culminated with an encore that included your average shaving cream-filled-coffin ceremony & five-foot dancing, gold Buddha. Did I mention that I managed to touch left his leg from my prime location by the stage?